Sturgis’ impressive religious heritage has molded the cultural differences of its citizens into a mosaic of common faith and respect. For nearly 200 years the strong faith of Sturgis residents has helped them build a community that appreciates spiritual truths.

Sturgis has over 30 churches of a variety of sizes to accommodate everyone’s worship needs. Predominately Christian, the churches range from Catholic to a vast variety of Protestant denominations.

Programs offered by the churches include Sunday school, worship services, Mass in Spanish and English, youth programs, day care, and preschools and schools.

The churches — including the Salvation Army, which provides a variety of relief efforts — are very much involved in community philanthropic efforts. One such effort, held every year, is the Crop Walk. Walkers are sponsored, and the proceeds go to ChurchWorld Services. The motto for the Crop Walk is, "We walk because they walk."

The Sturgis Ministerial Association keeps the channels of communication and cooperation open between the churches through such endeavors as the High School Baccalaureate, the annual Christian Unity Service and the National Day of Prayer assembly on the steps of City Hall. Pastors take turns visiting the local hospitals and retirement centers as well as writing the weekly Sturgis Journal column, "Reflecting on Our Faith." Through the Ministerial Association, differences in religious form and idiosyncrasies are forgotten; the single goal of worship of the Creator is expressed in the slogan, "Reflecting One Light Over Sturgis."